The Best Fishing Rods for Anglers: Guides and Reviews

 Purchasing the Best fishing rod can be a continuing process. It depends on your experience, the purpose, the nature of water you are angling on and many other factors.  But following general guidelines could certainly make your task easier.

 Here we have presented some general guideline which would help you to choose the best rod.

Learning new terminology

We know this is monotonous to learn the terminology and stuff. Having known with the names and purpose of undertaking would help you compare equipment.  If you are intended for buying fishing outfits, This know-how and know-what are badly necessary. We certainly don’t want you to be let down in the very beginning.To know about the terminology in detail  Please click here.

Knowing about the fishing tools and accessories:

Having known about the diverse kinds of fishing tools is important because it helps you to decide which type would work for you. The Knowing includes. the type of material each component is made of, including the blank, guides, and handle, The type of fishing reel that feels best and fits onto your preferred rod The ergonomics of the fishing-rod, including the comfort, how it feels in your hands, and balance. For larger fish, you need baitcaster reel, that makes casting larger. A long rod is good for casting longer distances short rod is helpful for  pulling the game fish which fight tough. To know detail about tools see here.

Get yourself known on what about the habitat of fishes that you have targeted:

People generally fish in the lakes, oceans, or rivers that are closest to their home. It would be helpful to research your surrounding area to find what fish live in your waters. I recommend specializing in one species of fish first, and then expand as you get better and better. Learn everything there is to know about your target fish, such as their feeding habits. This will help you find and catch more fish.

The nature of water source you are going to face:

Choosing a fishing rod depends on if you will fish from the beach (called surf fishing), from a boat, from a pier, on ice, etc.In addition, fishing in a lake or river requires different tackle than fishing in the ocean. This is because the saltwater fishing tackle is made of specific materials designed to prevent corrosion. If you use a freshwater fishing rod to catch saltwater fish, your line, hooks, and even reel can be heavily damaged.

Fix the cost:

For a beginner, it is recommended that you consider how much time you will invest in the sport. If you know that you will be fishing often, you should start with a rod that is a medium range cost and work your way toward a more advanced rod. Beginners should start with a medium action rod that is flexible, but not too flexible. If you are not sure if you will fish a lot, I would recommend buying a less expensive beginner rod (less than $30) to get acclimated to the sport. The benefit is that it will help you learn what you prefer in a rod, including the length, weight, and action.

Why would you buy the best rod:

With the perfect rod, the catch of a lifetime is just a castaway? One of the biggest benefits of having the best fishing rod is having the right tools to target the fish you want. When many people begin fishing, they buy only low-priced rods assuming that there really isn’t a difference in quality. Little do they know problems like snags and backlashes happen many times with bad rods. In addition, cheap rods can break more easily than the higher priced fishing rods, which is very frustrating when you are out on the water. Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Not only will a quality rod save you a headache, it can help you catch fish. Yes, in fishing, the equipment plays a big part in your success. For example, the sensitivity of a rod is how easily you can sense a fishing biting your bait. With stiff rods, you cannot feel when a fish bites your bait. If you can’t feel the bite, then you cannot react accordingly.

Many times, beginners will cast their line, and after 30 minutes of waiting, they will pull their line back only to discover that they were duped by a fish! Don’t get fooled once you find those fish in the water!!


Best fly-fishing rod for fishing:

What is fly-fishing rod for:

  • Type of fishing that uses an artificial ‘fly’ to capture fish.
  • A variety of fishes you can be land with fly-fishing. Usually, Salmon, trout, and grayling are aimed at. But it allows you to deal with carp, panfish, bass, and pike, or other sea species like striped bass, bonefish, tarpon, snook, and redfish. The best fly fishing rods, with no trouble, can land tuna, wahoo, sharks and marlin.
  • The hook is carried through the air by the weight of the line, unlike how the end of the braided or monofilament line carrying the weight of the sinker or lure delivers the casting distance when spin or bait fishing.
  • Fly anglers utilize hand-tied flies that look like natural invertebrates. They can also use other food organisms or baits that entice the fish to bite.
  • Doable in both fresh and saltwater. Habitat also makes a difference in the kind of techniques employed for fly fishing.


Guides to choose the best fly fishing rod:


Fiberglass rods are just right for any fly-fishing situation. It is tougher than graphite but costs more but assure precise casting.

Determining the action:

  • A slow-action fly fishing rod offers enough capability to reel in small lightweight fish. Not the best for the beginners. For short-distance casting, a slow action fly fishing rod delivers the highest degree of accuracy.
  • A medium action fly fishing rod is easy to handle when you are a beginner.
  • A fast action fly fishing rod offers stiffness by bending at the end and not really offering a lot of giving. Perfect for long distance casting. Beginners find them quite difficult to handle.


  • A medium-length fly fishing rod is better for control over casting and strength.
  • The length started from 8 to 8 feet is most usable for almost all types of fishing situation. A long rod is able to hold more weight than a shorter rod.
  • Fly fishing rod over 9 feets offers long-casting and nice to handle bigger fishes, especially big saltwater fish. Of course, it  involves the use of both hands while in action.

The Lure

  • The lure for fly fishing can be fly lure. Or artificial lure would do. But a natural source is better.
  • Varieties can be – dry; wet; nymph; emerger; streamer; terrestrial; pike and musky; bugs, poppers, bass and panfish; carp; salmon; steelhead and Pacific salmon; egg; flesh; saltwater; bonefish; tarpon; striped bass.


Best Fly-fishing rod – Reviews:

Eagle Claw Featherlight

  • Fiberglass 2 Pieces Rod, less weight, 1 hooks per pack.
  • One of the most reasonably priced fisherman’s gears.
  • Highest quality angler gear for all types of fishers
  • Eagle Claw is a company which has been operating for over 85 years,making hooks for beginner and other anglers.




Please click on the image to see the price on Amazon



  • Easy to maneuver by beginners .
  • Stainless steel guides make it resistant to rust. Field tested to ensure you can compete with the best
  • Good for fresh or saltwater fishing.
  • Handle made of cork
  • Reviewers particularly praise the high performance this fly fishing rod offers for the money.
  • Quick action rod and casts fast.
  • Yellow paints give it a look like a classical bamboo rod.
  • 1 Year Warranty


Okuma Crisium Graphite 2-Piece

  • Graphite 2-Piece fly fishing rod
  • Highly recommended for fishing in smaller waters, where the distance of the cast is not that important.
  • A great choice for catching bigger even with a light weighted rod.
  • High-grade materials used all over the parts, long lasting.



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  • The reel seat is made of rosewood .
  • The guides are made of titanium oxide – for the stripper guide – and stainless steel for the snake guides.
  • The medium/fast action makes the casting easier.
  • Smooth and consistent casting.
  • Offers great sensitivity.
  • Reliable, given the competitive price tag that comes attached to it.


TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh

  • Graphite fly fishing rods but in comparatively low price. A graphite rod is a dream rod for the anglers and this model offers a lower price.
  • Strong and reliable.
  • Nice appearance.



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  • Well complemented by black matte finishing and gold logos,
  • Anodized reel seats equipped with aluminum inserts,
  • Smooth,consistent casting with medium fast action. Good for the beginner, novice or seasonal anglers.



Best Telescopic Rods for fishing- guides and reviews

Why Telescopic rods:

  • The ultimate choice for the traveler who loves fishing or for the anglers who do travel a lot. You can pack in your backpack or travel suitcase.
  • Telescopic rods are building up with tubular sections. When you are not using it, they can be collapsed into one another in a orderly little design which is easily portable. And when you are ready for fishing just pull and stretch it out to full length.
  • Just the right rod for recreational angling and travel fishing, telescopic rods give you the chance to fish wherever and whenever you want.
  • It provides supportive heft and trustworthy durability.
  • Can easily land big fish with it.

Considering factors for buying the best Telescopic Rod for fishing:


  • In some models fiberglass blanks comes with graphite and stainless steel seat. It offers balance and more flexibility all through the rod .
  • Models with carbon fibre are extremely strong. Great in heavy and deep water. Comes with sensitivity and necessary weight.
  • Telescopic rods can be of carbon fibre,graphite, fiberglass or combination of carbon and graphite or carbon fibre and fiberglass.
  • The lightweight, flexible design of a carbon fibre rod enables it to transmit vibrations through its length to the angler’s hand,making the fisher feel the fish biting the hook.
  • Durability and hardness are guaranteed with a carbon fiber rod mixed with fiberglass, which integrates the strengths of the two materials.


  • Telescopic rods are weaker in structural terms compared to standard fishing poles. Not recommended for catching heavier fish.
  • It has to be opened firmly yet softly. If you whip it too quickly from closed state it could have damage.


  • A lightweight material like ceramic should be chosen for guide. It offers sensitivity levels and longer casting distances and flexibility.
  • The power can describe type of fishing the rod is geared for. Using a light rod to catch heavy fish is likely to break the pole. Conversely, using an extra heavy rod to land small fish poses no challenge to optimize the rod.


Telescopic fishing poles have two measurable lengths, one when collapsed and the other when extended fully. Longer poles would certainly give extra advantage in case of surf-fishing.

Variety in best Telescopic rod for fishing :

Spinning rod

  • Spinning rods are designed perfectly for sport and recreational fishing.
  • One can choose from many telescopic rod models, which are commonly constructed of fiberglass or graphite and outfitted with a PVC or cork handle.
  • The spinning reel is mounted on the underside of the rod. This makes the fishing pole more comfortable to handle even during extended fishing sessions.
  • Control is also easier as the fishing pole can be gripped in the user’s dominant hand. Spinning rods typically measure between 5 feet and 8 ½ feet.

Surf rods

  • Sea rod is perfect for surf-fishing.
  • For surf fishing 10-foot to 15-foot telescopic rods are useful.

Fly rod

  • For fly-fishing, flexible and thin telescopic rod is useful. There should be little or no handle from the reel onwards.
  • Telescopic fly rods are not common; you need to match the fly rod specs to the fish you are going to catch.

Best Telescopic Rod for fishing –Reviews


Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole

  • Offers just right elasticity and high density. Even after years of use.
  • Built with  incredible combination of fibreglass and carbon fiber. The strengths of both materials are efficiently integrated.
  • The combination makes this rod more reasonably priced compared to a rod build with only graphite.
  • Durable without compromising the sensitivity. The angler senses the slightest bite on the lure.
  • It has several sections that lock into place. Easily adjustable in the boot of car. Travelling easy. Comes with a supplied bag. So carrying to the other place is very easy.
  • Resetting is effortless.



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  • The stainless steel hooded reel seat protects damage and seawater corrosion.
  • Grip is build for comfortable and compact holding of the entire rod. Can easily be cleaned off of protein, slim, fish oil. Simply detergent would do.
  • The telescopic design makes it possible to adjust the rod to multiple lengths. Offers different rod actions. Suitable for boat angling, sea fishing catching channel catfish, walleye and large black bass.
  • Long –casting possible.
  • The aluminum oxide inserts make less friction between fiching line and shft of rod. Makes it more durable
  • It accommodates lure weights from 20 to 40 grams.


Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Finest quality and  trustworthy craftsmanship. The Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod can be paired with a matching reel or your favorite spinning reel so you can go on many fishing trips with a cutting edge piece of equipment.

  • Extra durable glass construction.
  • Easily adjustable in the boot of car. Travelling, hiking easy.
  • The telescopic design is set off by the rod’s total of five different sections; the units are fit for a diversity of fishing purpose.
  • The telescopic design can be packed in 17-inch unit simply. Easy storage and portability. Extended rod measures 5 feet 6 inches for long-distance casting.
  • Line weights from 4 to 10 pounds test.



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  • The double footed line guides provides compact anchoring on the shaft of the rod.
  • The EVA foam handle offers durability as well as abrasion-free holding.
  • The rod blank has a sturdy fibreglass structure. The casting stroke can be slowed down. So the rod can be left to do the work.
  • The fibreglass fishing rod takes the weight of the fishing line, bending deeply and sending out the cast from 30 to 50 feet away with fantastic ease and accuracy, making the rod usable for fly casting.
  • The graphite reel seats are durable without compromising the sensitivity. The angler senses the slightest bite on the lure.
  • The heavy ceramic guides are built such a way that the fishing line can glide slickly with less friction when a fish get hooked. It ensures security against line breakage.


KastKing BlackHawkThe KastKing BlackHawk rod

Convenience is at the core of the KastKing BlackHawk, as it can is a compact alternative that’s easy to carry around and store both in your car and in your home.

  • Steadfast and well-designed rod for spinning purposes.
  • A Blending of high-density carbon fiber and E-Glass composite.
  • Required sensitivity, weight, and balance.
  • The reel seats are designed with CNC machined aluminum that makes them resistant to corrosion for years.



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  • 3-point stainless steel corrosion-resistant guides with ceramic inserts make it durable. It keeps the option to prefer mono or braided fishing line
  • Useful for fishing in saltwater and freshwater.
  • Compatible with a variety of spinning reels. But very much suitable with baitcaster reels. Not very much good with the fly reels. This is because swinging the rod in one hand required adjusting of weight which can be  uncomfortable.







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