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5 things to know before going for a Hunting : Hunting essentials


The wild boar hunter is a man loyal to his brethren and game. He gives himself every chance of not suffering an animal, shooting at close range and placing his ball for sure. The choice of his weapon and his ammunition will also contribute to this result. The purpose of the boar beat is to raise the hunting animal, to have it carried by the dogs so that it is drawn to the post. Pickers and trackers will never fire a wild boar, unless absolutely necessary. An injured game must be systematically searched by a blood dog trainer. To know more about hunting ethics  you can go through this. 


hunting essentials


A boar hunter goes to his post with the weapon unloaded, and he waits for the start signal to be hunting. In no case shall he move from his post until the instruction is given to him. He only shoots a wild boar that is perfectly identified, calmly and lucidly, respecting a security angle with respect to his neighbors. The shooting will always be fucking, and never directed towards the track, towards houses or roads and paths. The trackers wear a fluorescent vest, and signal themselves with the trunk and the voice.

hunting essentials


It is the big laie who is the guide of a boar company. A wild boar hunter refrains from pulling an adult laurel. A well-structured company, with a balanced age pyramid, is permanently settled in a territory, draws on natural resources and commits less damage than groups of young orphaned and erratic animals. To have beautiful wild boars, one must also know how to keep adult males. The basis of our management will be: agrainons in the forest at sensitive times, quickly hunt on the very places of the damage, spare the big females and let our population’s age.

hunting essentials

Fair play:

Hunting is above all a pleasure. The wild boar is a wild and free animal: one day it is in your house, the next day with your neighbor. With the latter, the hunter of boar maintains cordial relations because the interests are common. What counts most is to hunt wild boar, to feast on the music of the dogs. You do not want to shoot at any price because the animal on the board is the culmination of a whole team and not a single shooter. With the other users of nature, the wild boar hunter is courteous. It gives a serene and legitimate image of our sport.

Security in beating.

Before hunting, in silence and with respect, the safety instructions will listen and respect.

Bryan Jackson

Not knowing what to expect, the expertise was on the far side expectations. I bow-hunted nine days and shot nine animals. Had the most effective time looking a steenbuck - that I ne'er got! My guide Woody Herman created all the distinction. initial time I spot & pedunculate game thanks to Herman. will be back!

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