BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 Reviews

If you love bird watching, you would love to have a device that offers a higher magnification so that you can see your targets easily and clearly. Most of the people use binoculars for bird watching. However, the devices can only be used to view birds that are close or large birds that are not very far.If you want to purchase a device that will provide you with higher magnification, The best spotting scope for birding is what you should go for. BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 spotting scope is one of that kind.
They are different from binoculars in that they are monocular, come with a higher glass quality and they also have a large objective lens among others.

There are so many spotting scopes on the market today, getting the right model can be confusing. This is why I’m here to assist you to pick the right product that will help you your targets with clarity. The BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 is among the top quality spotting scope that you can get for higher magnification. This spotting scope is designed for nature explorers and shooters.

You can use BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 as a handheld device, and it also gives you the opportunity to attach it to a tripod stand for an extension. This straight spotting scope with a higher magnification features a dynamic lens that makes it easy for you to zoom your targets.

Features of  BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88

BARSKA Benchmark


This straight spotting scope offers you with a high magnification of 25x to 125x. It also has an objective lens that makes viewing your targets easy. If you live near a forest or a lake, you can enjoy great moments watching the birds from a distance.


Sometimes when you are outdoors, the weather might be harsh on you making it difficult to use your device. With this spotting scope, you can still go on with your activities even during severe weather because it is waterproof and fog proof.

Dynamic Focusing System

Zooming brings your target image closer so you can see it clearly. With BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88  spotting scope, the dynamic lens focusing makes it easy to zoom the image you are aiming so that you can see it clearly and easily.

Fully Coated Optics

The fully coated optics boosts the light transmission because of the anti-reflective coating layer that is in all air to glass lens surfaces. Again, the device has a shock absorbing armor that is effective for rough conditions.

Carrying Case

When you want to carry your device to different locations, it has a soft carrying case that ensures it is safe. The bag is large enough to fit this scope perfectly well. It measures 13.2 inches long for the best fit.

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  • Offers comprehensive shooters and explorers.
  • The scope is waterproof.
  • It is lightweight for portability.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The handheld mount provides stable viewing.
  • It is easy to add a tripod stand for extension.


  • The image is not clear at high magnification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this scope come with a window mount? I can’t tell from the picture.

A: This scope doesn’t have a window clamp. Instead, it includes a pistol grip.

Q: Is this scope recommendable for a person who wants to look over a three-mile bay?

A: Yes, you can use this scope. It provides a clear vision so you will see well at a long distance with effective eye relief.

Q: I wear glasses with a little magnification so that reading the distance is easy. Does this scope have a focusing ring so that I can see sharp images without the glasses?

A: Yes, it has but at the end of the magnifier. You only twist the scope to zoom and the end of the magnifier will provide you with the focus you want.

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Final Words

For such a quality product, you are assured of watching even objects that are very far beyond the reach of a binocular. You will enjoy every outdoor activity when you have this spotting scope with you.

The good thing with this spotting scope is that it can be used in all weather conditions because it waterproof and fog proof.

Get this device and enjoy bird watching among other types of activities that you can use with this device such as hunting and the like.

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Bryan Jackson

Not knowing what to expect, the expertise was on the far side expectations. I bow-hunted nine days and shot nine animals. Had the most effective time looking a steenbuck - that I ne'er got! My guide Woody Herman created all the distinction. initial time I spot & pedunculate game thanks to Herman. will be back!

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