How to select the best fishing rods : Terminologies, Guide and Reviews

With a perfect rod the catch of a lifetime is just a cast away. One of the biggest benefits of selecting the right fishing rods for sale, as it is the most important among fishing equipment is having the right tools to target the fish you want. When many people begin fishing, they select only low-priced fishing rods for sale assuming that there really isn’t a difference in quality. Little do they know problems like snags and backlashes happen many times with bad fishing rods for sale. In addition, cheap rods can break more easily than the higher priced fishing rods for sale, which is very frustrating when you are out on the water. Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Not only will a quality rod save you a headache, it can help you catch fish. Yes, in fishing, the equipment plays a big part in your success. For example, the sensitivity of a rod is how easily you can sense a fishing biting your bait. With stiff rod, you cannot feel when a fish bites your bait. If you can’t feel the bite, then you cannot react accordingly.

Fishing Rods for sale

Many times, beginners will cast their line, and after 30 minutes of waiting, they will pull their line back only to discover that they were duped by a fish! Don’t get fooled once you find those fish in the water!!

Choosing the right one among the fishing rods for sale can be a continuing process. It depends on your experience, the purpose, the nature of water you are angling on and many other factors. But following general guidelines could certainly make your task easier.

General guideline  on choosing the best fishing rods for sale.

Learning new terminology

We know this is monotonous to learn the terminology and stuffs. Having known with the names and purpose of undertake would help you compare equipment. If you are intended for buying best fishing rods for sale, this know-how is necessary. We don’t want to let you down at the very beginning. To know about the terminology in detail please click here.

The nature of water source you are going to face:

Choosing the right one among the fishing rods for sale depends on water source also; Therefore whether you fish from the beach (called surf fishing), from a boat, from a pier, on ice etc. In addition, fishing in a lake or river requires different tackle than fishing in the ocean. This is because the saltwater fishing tackle is made of specific materials designed to prevent corrosion. If you use a freshwater fishing rod to catch saltwater fish, your line, hooks, and even reel can be heavily damaged.For Thick, heavy cover we need a strong rod for landing the fish successfully. And For the clear, open water sometimes we need thin, hard seeing lines.

Fishing Rods for sale

Fix the cost:

For a beginner, it is recommended that you consider how much time you will invest in the sport. If you know that you will be fishing often, you should start with a rod that is a medium range cost and work your way toward a more advanced rod. Beginners should start with a medium action rod that is flexible, but not too flexible. If you are not sure if you will fish a lot, we would recommend buying a less expensive beginner rod (less than $30) to get acclimated to the sport. The benefit is that it will help you learn what you prefer in a rod, including the length, weight, and action.

Issues related to Power while choosing the right fishing rod for sale:


Too light and too heavy rod, both have their drawbacks! If the power of rod is of too light it hinders precision and distance.
If we go for too heavy a power has upshot issues and causes low efficiency.

Line strength:

Power is closely related to the line strength. Heavier power rods will handle heavy line weights and lighter powers will be good for light lines.

One can find Power rating inscribed on the sides of rod. The rating refers to the line and lure weight. Maintaining line test within the limits printed on the rod is important. Heavy power rod can shatter light lines simply. On the contrary, heavy lines can shatter a light rod.

Variation of rod’s power according to requirements:

According to the requirements the Rods can be classified as Ultra-Light, Light, Medium-Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, Ultra-Heavy. Or there can be a combination.

  • Ultra-light rods are fit for catching small fish. It is practical in circumstances where it needs flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Ultra-Heavy rods are used in deep sea fishing, surf fishing, or for heavy fish by weight


Action is the speed of returning of the rod to its neutral position. More often action is confused with the bending curve instead of the speed. .. Some manufacturers list the power value of the rod as its action.

An action may be slow, medium, fast, or medium-fast. It depends on the tapering of a rod, the length and the materials used will usually determine the action of the rod you should use. The action needed for you depends on the type of lure, the types of fish, and the technique used.

Fast Action:
  • Shuts off' faster.
  • Can be getting to a bending curve from tip to butt. The advantage is that you don't need to move the rod as far on the hookset to get into the rigid part of the blank.
  • Useful where a short to long casting distance is required and the rule of single hook is involved (as in case of worm and jig fishing).
  • Depends on the types and material of the rod. A fly rod or steelhead rod will curve much lower and more easily than a fast action bass rod or offshore rod.
Fishing Rods for sale

Medium/Moderate Action:
  • Bows a little deeper.
  • Tip and the middle get some flexibility.
  • Typically afford more casting distance and still give sufficient hooksetting power.
  • Used for applications that engage treble hooks, like crankbaits and topwater lures or other reaction baits like spinnerbaits.

Slow Action:

  • The most flexible; Bends well into the butt end of the rod.
  • The bend is similar throughout the rod. And so sometimes it is called ‘parabolic’
  • Depends on material. Rod with a glass fibre composite blank is slower than a rod with carbon fibre composite blank.

Casting weight

  • There is a relationship between the rod's specified casting weight and load.
  • If the load is greater, the rod gets slower and the distance slightly reduced.
  • If it is smaller than the specification, the distance reduced as well. In case of the later, it’s because the rod action is used partly.

Bending curve/tapering

  • It is misleading to associate bending curve of rid with their action. The rods which can bend only at the tip are often called ‘fast action’ and the one which bend from tip to butt are called ‘sloe action’ rod. But top quality rod can be fast action bending from the tip to the butt.
  • The bending curve determines the way a rod builds up and releases its power.
  • The bending of the rod facilitates the anglers to keep the line under tension,
  • Keeps the fish under a steady stress which will tire out the fish.
  • Lessens the effect of the leverage by shortening the distance of the lever (the rod). In professional fishing practice, big fishes are often just pulled in on the line itself without putting much effort. It can be done because there is no leverage effect.
  • More bending rod requires less power from the fisherman, but sends more power to the fish.
  • Often it is believed that a hard, stiff rod gives you more command and power on the fish. But it happens the opposite.In reality the fish is putting the power on the fisherman.

Line weight

  • Line weight for a rod is expressed as a range that the rod is designed to support
  • A rod is usually also classified by the optimal weight of fishing line. Fishing line weight is described in pounds of tensile force before the line parts
  • In the case of fly rods, fly line the rod should handle. Fly rod weights are usually articulated as a number from 1 to 12, written as "N"wt (e.g. 6wt.) Each weight stands for a standard weight in grains for the first 30 feet of the fly line recognized by the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Association.
  • For example, the first 30' of a 6wt fly line should weigh between 152-168 grains, with the optimal weight being 160 grains. In casting and spinning rods usually, the designations is like "8-15 lb. line"
Fishing Rods for sale


  • Long rods are suitable for beginners. It offers reliable casting distance . But sometimes may not be long enough to control.
  • Shorter rods render less action. Because at the time of casting and reeling. they don’t have the ability to produce more torque. They are useful for fishing in small stream where the rod’s movement is constrained.
  • For most fishing situation a medium-length fly fishing rod is suitable. Length from 9 to 10 feets long is recommended that give usable strength, casting control and action. It would be easy to handle more weight than a shorted rod.
  • For dealing with big game fish large fly fishing rod A long rod with longer casting distance is required. It’s great in saltwater fishing and ensures both hands handling possible.
  • It can be concluded that the longer the rod, the more control an angler has over a fish.

According to the Gary Dobyns, owner of Dobyns Rods “A rod’s length should only be limited to an angler’s ability to use it,” . He says longer rods pick up more line on a hook set. It has an advantage if an angler is caught out of position for a good swing. He also thinks that “A longer rod is also better at balancing applied pressure against the surges and jumps of a hooked fish.

How to choose the best Rod Material for fishing

At present the manufactures made fishing rods from two materials:


The lightest and most sensitive more expensive than fiberglass.

Fiber glass:

For the rod with medium or lighter action fiber glass is useful. It affords the required parabolic bend (meaning the bend of the rod is similar throughout the length).

Top 5 Best Fishing Rods for sale - With Reviews 

1. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

Editors Rating: 

Fishing Rods for sale

Among all the best fishing rods for sale, we put this one at the top. And the top reason for doing this is, it provide you precise elasticity. It is wonderful design is integrated with the potency of fiberglass and carbon fiber. And you are getting this strength with reasonable price.
With the aluminum oxide interleave, durability is assured 100% with less friction.
But this is not done at the cost of sensitivity. Rather this rod is sensitive enough to let you know about the minor bite on the lure.

The rod is highly adjustable in terms of length. You can fix your desired length easily. So, different rod action can be adopted. Perfect for for boat angling, sea fishing or catching channel fish.

Carrying and assembling is very easy. Reel seat is made up of stainless steel. Comfortable grip can be cleaned off without hassle.

Features at a glance

  • Integrated Design
  • Precise Elasticity
  • Telescopic Fishing Rod 
  • Greatly Portable
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber combination

1. Sougayilang Black Hawk Telescoping Travel Spinning Rods

Editors Rating: 

Fishing Rods for sale

High quality and sensitivity with reasonable price – this is what Shimano offers us. With long-lasting 24 Ton Carbon Fiber and E-Glass combination, it is one of the most trusted rod out there.

Reel Seat is designed delicately with decay preventive CNC Machined Aluminum. So durability is absolutely ensured.

Guides are made with stainless steel along with ceramic interleave. It gives protection from decaying and more control over rod.

This light weight rod also comes with suitable EVA foam-grip handle. So it offers perfect balance.
Great for Fishing trout fish in freshwater, Saltwater Surf Fishing

Features at a glance

  • Highly sensitive 
  • Stainless Steel guide
  • EVA Foam-grip Handle
  • Good for fresh water and surf fishing ​

1. Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Editors Rating: 

Fishing Rods for sale

With long-lasting Aeroglass blank construction this rod is designed to ensure superior quality and balance on fishing. Comfortable line flow on casting and regain is ensured by toughened aluminum oxide.

The reel seat is made up of graphite and it is solid. EVA foam-grip handle ensures more control.
The price is reasonable.

Features at a glance

  • Longlasting Aeroglass Material
  • Guides with reinforced Aluminum Oxide 
  • Reel seat with solid locking graphite

4. Shakespeare Micro Spin ning Rod

Editors Rating: 

Fishing Rods for sale

Sheakespeare micro spinning rod comes with graphite composite rod material. So strength and durability is ensured. It is of regular size but easy to carry.
It is comfortable with light and ultralight actions. This product would be a perfect match for some light action trout fishing at the local lake. The reel seat is rather regular with cushioned hoods. An overall stylish product with full cork handles.
Guide is made up of stainless steel as well as the inserts. It is very sensitive and the price is affordable.

Features at a glance

  • Handle Material- full cork
  • Regular Reel Seat with cushioned hoods
  • Rod Material With stainless steel
  • Graphite Composite material

1. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

Editors Rating: 

Fishing Rods for sale

A perfect rod for hiking trip! Its ultra light construction makes it easy to catch fish on an outdoor trip. The two pieces can be separated and that’s why it is highly portable.

Additionally, since the two pieces can be separated, the model is extremely portable.

It comes with custom shaped P-cork handle material. Which is perfect for spinning fisherman? It is easy to use for long periods.

Perfect for fishing Trout, Bass, Panfish, and even heavier rods for fishing larger fish such as Catfish or Salmon.

Guide is made up of aluminum oxide that makes it durable. Other attractive features like an EVA butt cap, a multipurpose hook keeper are really lucrative for anglers.

Features at a glance

  • Fast Action rod
  • 2 Parts Rod constructions
  • Grip Material- P-Cork
  • Ultra Lightweight

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