Best Hunting Knife Reviews with Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional or seasonal hunter, having the best hunting knife is the task that you want to be done before packaging the essentials for a hunting venture. You need to be prepared for the entire situation and the knife that is required to use for that task to do in that particular situation. Hunting means not just shooting down an animal. It is more about a survival story in the wild. Fishing, cleaning a fish, cutting rope for tent or other tasks, dressing animals etc are part of your job. So a hunting venture is a whole bunch of many task for which you need many types of hunting knife. Choosing the best hunting is therefore a tricky task. You should look for a good one to take with you while venturing for hunting and to help you with that we have presented reviews of best hunting knives and guide to choose the best hunting knife.

We would like to start with a comparison table from where you could have an brief but overall idea on the best hunting knife. This table would guide you to the rating, price and more customers review.

Best Hunting Knife: Comparison 

Hunting knives

Blade length

Blade Material

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1. Gerber Bear Grylls 


Stainless Steel

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2. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 


1095 cro-van
steel blade

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Best Hunting Knife Reviews

1. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife

Editors Rating 

This all round hunting knife is the production of the team work of two famous name- Gerber and Bear Grylls! … Together they tried to present you an ultimate knife and here you go! This is a real survivor and a great company for the hunters while they are in the wild.

Best Hunting Knife

This is a fixed knife. The molded comfortable rubber grip is inscribed with ergonomic texture. This feature gives you the expected firmness and balance while cutting. You don’t need to worry about slippage.
The ½ inch saw-toothed blade is awesome. Drop point blade is made up of high carbon stainless steel. And as we have said earlier the two names ensures you the best quality. This is great for edging as well as cutting rope.

You will get a nice military-grade nylon sheath with this knife. It is lightweight and fungus resistant.
The knife comes with a fire starter with ferrocerium rod locks into sheath. The striker notch is integrated into back of knife blade.

At the base of the handle you will find a pommel made of stainless still. It can be used as hammer.
The package comes with - hammer pommel, full tang, emergency whistle, fire starter, sheath, and sharpening stone and with all this features it has got the length of nearly 10”. And the weight is about 11.2 oz.

2. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Review

Editors Rating 

Designed by renowned mountaineer and survivalist Ethan Backer, this is one of the best companions for the campers and hunters. It posses the approval seal of Ethan Becker also. With outstanding features it stands at the list of topper hunting knife available in the market. It looks dashing and tough. It acts as great as it looks like.

Best Hunting Knife

The blade is made up of 1095 cro-van steel that assure you to maintain the edge much longer than most other knives in the market.

It’s fixed and of drop point shaped. The high quality blade keeps it edge for longer than most. The knife is full tang and therefore this is not going to split from the handle whatever heavy effort you put on the blade. Full tang and heavy duty field knife suited for camping chores. At a quarter inch thick, it’s a beast of a blade.

The blade is 5 and ½ inches thick. The drop point shape is 20 Degree angled so that you can perform most of the task a camper need to do with it. From cutting wood to skinning that deer these features of this knife come great use of the campers. And even for chopping onion!- This knife can do anything.

It comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath.

The handle is made from Grivory. It gives you a compact grip. You would get a solid and heavy feeling in your hand.

Being made in USA this knife gives you the assurance of having a heavy duty tools with versatility and firmness.

3. Buck Knives 119 Review

Editors Rating 

Buck knives are completing 75th of invention and journey. To commemorate this legacy of passion and invention every knives you will get in 2017 will be equipped with a medallion on the handle. This medallion speaks a lot about the experience and effort that you are getting from this knife

Best Hunting Knife

This trustworthy knife comes with razor sharp 6” clip point blade. It is made up of 420HC Steel Blade which gives you the assurance of has excellent strength. The edge has quality enough to give long time edge retention. Durability is assured for it is resistant to decay. The clip point blade gives you a comfortable advantage of maneuvering which would be great for detail cutting work like piercing or cutting in tight parts of animal. The joints are strong enough to perform the tasks with required stability and firmness.

This solid fixed blade knife is made for outside utilize. The overall length is 1o.5 inches and weight is 7.5 ounce which is pretty light we can say.

It comes with a protective leather sheath made up of genuine leather. A snap fastener added an extra feature to fix it. The belt loop attached allows you to carry it comfortably. Also the anniversary logo is inscribed on the sheath.

The phenolic handle is a bit traditional with palm swells. This definitely gives you a comfortable and balanced grip. The black grip has got a aluminum pommel which can be used as a hammer or any other application.

Since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a lifetime warranty.

4. Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner Serrated Knife

Editors Rating 

As we have said earlier a lightweight tactical knife would be better for your outdoor skinning purpose. Cold Steel's Mini Tac Skinner Serrated Knife would exactly serve that purpose. With only 3 ounces weight you can keep it with you attached or stripped with backpack or anywhere you feel comfortable all day long while on a hunting or hiking venture. They can even be used for camping or hiking as they can easily be tied or taped anywhere from a backpack to a fanny pack.

Best Hunting Knife

The blade’s thickness is 2.5 mm and the length is 3-3/8". With extremely sharp mini serrated edge made up of Japanese AUS 8A stainless it would make your cutting, slicing or dicing activities easy and comfortable.

High quality black G-10 Griv-Ex style handle scales. This would make the knife lie plane and close against your body and give you an flexible but forceful gripping face. This scales work together with sub hilt to give a grip that is comfortable and sturdy to hold for any type of cutting detail just as an ideal skinner knife have to be. The thoughtful full tang construction allows you to hold it for long time without slippage and without causing ache to your hand.

It comes with an ex-sheath particularly designed to comfortably maintain the knife while allowing a quick locking up without getting stuck or trapped up on any material. The tough blob chain lanyards are added feature.
You would really appreciate the rugged design. Overall this is a rough and tough but small and comfortable knife.

5. Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife with Plain-Edged Blade (Orange, 7.97-Inch)

Editors Rating 

Among our list of knives, this is the one for which you have to pay a little bit higher price. With N680 material, this model comes with plain-edge blade. It is one of the best skinning knives available for hunters.

Best Hunting Knife

This knife has got a drop point shape with plain edge. The blade measures 2.65 inches. Though it seems short but for skinning and slicing this one acts as a terrific tactile knife. There is a finger slot at the peak of the blade Which works comfortably.

An attractive feature is its fixed lock mechanism. Besides providing safety it also make sure that your knife won’t get trapped when you need it urgently.

The leather sheath comes with nice cover makes carrying easy. With the sheath the total length becomes 8”.

As of the characteristics of quality knives, its grip is also comfortable and extremely ergonomic. This grip works with the lightweight structure that works together efficiently to make your cutting and skinning tasks easy.

6. Havalon Baracuta-Blaze Skinning Knife

Editors Rating 

With instant change style hunter skinner knife with disposable blade this is actually a great companion for hunters and campers. It gives you the chance to use the blade according to the task you want to perform. With couple of swipes, you can make cutting and dicing with the help of larger blade length.

Best Hunting Knife

The 3/8” stainless steel blade is really sharp. You will get and includes 5 optional easy on/ easy off. The quick change option as said earlier gives you the assurity to perform the task of cutting without any hassle.

The total length is 6” when you open this baracuta blaze hunting skinning knife. The slim design is comfortable for cutting and slicing.

You don’t need to worry about the replacement blade because the same sharpness is guaranteed.
It comes with an ABS plastic handle which as per the requirement of a quality knife, ergonomic design and comfortable to grip. The handle is resistant to rust. The visible color is ideal for wild. It also comes with a lanyard hole and a detachable stainless steel pocket clip which is a easy solution for storage.

The sharpness may be a little less compared to other product’s on our list , but for with the larger length and easy handling it has the quality to compete with the other hunting knife.

Buying guide: Best Hunting Knife 

What are the criteria to choose the best hunting knife? Fixed or folding? Stainless or carbon made? Wood or plastic made handle? What would be the shape? Pointed point or drop point?

Best Hunting Knife

All the answer to these questions depends on the nature of tasks you are going to do with the knife. And so many questions about criteria must lead you to the thought that you need an all round hunting knife which can do the different task that is needed to be done while hunting. So flexibility and usefulness may be preferable to quality. You may want a knife which can be used for the type of job t ranging from dressing a deer to cleaning a fish, from skinning to splitting through bone of an animal.
For seasonal hunters these are more than enough. It would not be wise if you use a bigger knife to clean rabbits. It would rather make your task much more complicated. And there is chance that you could perhaps end up cutting your fingers. Before selecting the best knife for hunting – it’s vital to know what you’ll be using it for the kind of game you are hunting for.

Fixed blade or Folding knife?

Size of your game is the first thing to consider and then the frequency of your hunting. A small folding knife may be enough for the occasional hunter so that they can use them for purposes other than hunting related activities. But if hunting is your passion then a fixed blade would be the ideal choice for you. If you consider emptying game with your hunting knife, then it is better to have a fixed blade. Why? The reason is very simple. If you buy a folding blade, the hollow in the handle will get dirty quickly. It will amass over time a lot of wreckage in this sleeve.Who says debris said microbe. Who says microbe, says a potential disease. Similarly, debris will be very difficult to clean. So why go to difficulty and illness when one can do easy? If you have the choice and still hesitate between a folding blade or fixed blade knife, my advice will be to acquire a fixed blade knife.

Choosing a fixed blade gives you the assurance not to compromise with the on strength. On the contrary folding blade has got movable parts which can be a problem when you need a little more toughness in your grip. A full tang fixed blade gives your grip toughness and make cutting or slicing easier.
If you still want to acquire a folding blade, take into account especially the solidity of the blade. This is a primary criterion. Let's think about that. If you empty the game and the knife breaks. You simply end up with no possibility of finishing the job. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the game because of a badly chosen knife and that breaks easily. In addition, there is a risk of injury.

Best Hunting Knife

So if you choose a folding blade hunting knife, try to buy a folding blade that can almost equal a fixed knife. What I mean by that is that you need to acquire a folding blade that will have the strength of a fixed knife. I really do not think you will find folding blades as resistant as that of fixed knives. But there are still some that come close to this resistance.

Shape of Blade:

This is a rather difficult question to answer. To begin with, the blades and handles of hunting knives all come in many shapes. You will find long, short, serrated blades, for shredding (short blade) to the blades to be skinned (wide blade). You will also find blades point clip (blade with pointed tip), bowie knives against the edge by passing by the blades drop point. Let us not forget the daggers, the folding blades, and others.

For a field dressing or skinning or animal you need a drop point blade so that you can comfortably do the detail work. The blade that is easiest to handle is a drop point shaped. This kind of blade has a tipped down and is very easy to use. A clip point or tanto type blade would not be very efficient to serve these purposes. A drop point blade with serrated edge is ideal for the task we are talking about. Some blades come with guthook which is great for cutting open a deer’s abdomen. But if you talk about multi tasking, these types of knife may proof useless if not handled properly. The reason is that, blades with guthook cannot be sharpening easily. On the contrary, a serrated blade is easy to sharpen.

Some people however prefer a skinner knife with its wide flat (very wide blade). Very simple to use, it can also butter your bread slices smooth and fresh.

A reference for the length of the blade :

Many agree that the optimum length and 10 cm. But, as with many other things, I would say that the length of the blade remains a personal choice. Also, in terms of the length of the blade, I would say it should be between 8 to 15 centimeters. In conclusion, for everyday tasks such as preparing fish or game, a blade that is too long will be a disadvantage.

Metal construction:

After deciding which type of blade to be taken comes the question of paying attention to the type of steel when acquiring a hunting knife. First, it is the steel that cuts. Bad steel will not give you a good cutting quality. If you think about it well, and if you're busy carving up your game and want to get the skin back without holes or a wrong cut, then you'd better buy a knife with good steel.

Best Hunting Knife

The steel also plays a lot on the maintenance of the knife. Bad steel can rust quickly. For example, carbon steel rust and many times you may find that carbon knives are blackened several days after using it .The good side of carbon knives is that they are very easy to sharpen. Even with a stone, although I prefer to use a professional sharpener for this job.

If you are going to make a survivor's journey, I think a simple carbon blade would not be very appropriate. You will spend your time sharpening your blade instead of surviving. In this case, it would be better to use a survival knife.

So what steel to choose if you want something harder and less proud to rust? Corrode free and rust resistant is the first priority. And for this to achieve, high carbon steel construction is an ideal preference. There is other combination such as - chromium and vanadium which is also better to prevent abrasion.

Nothing beats a good carbon steel forged and perfectly tempered. This type of steel is almost unbeatable in cutting quality. It also keeps its edge for a long time. The small flat is that it will have some blackish task and small problems of oxidation. But we all know that a few oil tastes just after use will do the trick.


We need to keep an eye on the handle. The choice of the material of the handle of your hunting knife is as important as the choice of steel. Why? For you want optimum comfort for your hand. In addition, it is your hand that will guide the blade, and if you are not in complete harmony with your knife and handle, then any work you do with your knife will suffer. You may even be hurt by frustration.

A knife with the slippage-free handle is the one that you would want as a companion while doing the toiling task of cutting and slicing. The handle should work well in any weather condition. Unfortunately, or fortunately for certain, we have only two choices. Alternatively, we will move towards a natural material. Or we will opt for a synthetic material, artificially produced like plastic, etc. Choosing one or the other is up to you and your personal preferences. Each has its advantages but also its disadvantages.

We will therefore begin with natural materials. Deer, ram and horn tip are natural materials of high strength and give you good comfort for your hand. In addition, these materials really have nothing to envy the famous mircata and other synthetic materials like the G10. Still, in the realm of reality, wooden horns and pressed horns are and will always be more fragile than synthetic. They will also be a little allergic to water.

Best Hunting Knife

What we like about natural materials is that they get old. Another advantage specific to a handle made in the crust of ram and that this crust allows a very good adherence of the hand to the handle. Even when the handle is wet or damp, it looks like the handle stays glued to your hand apple.

For example, the wood of the olive tree is fairly greasy and supple. You will even find many hunters who buy only olive woods because they think they bring good luck. So if you are superstitious, you have to buy one!

You also have boxwood which is a very dense and especially hard wood. In addition you will be able to choose between the ebony wood, the amourette, walnut and cade. Let us not forget the iron wood and the magnificent rosewood.

We sincerely think that synthetic materials are stronger than natural sleeves and you can be a bit more brutal with these sleeves. A simple example is that a synthetic knife handle can be washed with standard dishware. This is not the case for natural sleeves.

The micarta is one of the products "classic" mainly used for its hardness. But there is also the G10. It is a little more flexible and much textured. Titanium or AU4G handles are also available, anodized and micro-blended. A hard rubber handle can give you a good grip.

These alternative material handles are all superb, but they miss them a soul. I would even go so far as to say that they are cold when we take them in hand. It is kind of a shame.


The Sheaths of hunting knives have very often been neglected. But they are part of the knife when you buy one. One can certainly do without a folding blade. But one cannot do without a fixed knife. We need the security that it brings us if only to protect us from unfortunate accidents, such as cutting our fingers.

Leather and always leather. The majority of cases are made of leather. There are, however, several exceptions to the rule and sometimes exceptions of the most surprising. For example, the Finnish Pukko used wooden cases, now replaced by synthetic plastic cases.

There are essentially two schools for the manufacture of ducts for hunting knives. The first one will manufacture ducts of the 'pouch' type. These sheaths will have no tabs or flaps covering the third (more or less) of the handle.

The other school will provide you with safety-plated sleeves (which some call safety tabs). These sheaths prevent the blade from coming out of the sheath by using a leather bond fixed across the guard. If you want to wear your knife to your belt, then choose this kind of sheath.

Best Hunting Knife

Pay close attention to the thickness of the leather and its quality. When cutting or sharpening the sharp blade of your knife, you should not cut the sheath and cut your hand.

If you buy a good sheath with slightly greasy leather and especially thick, then your sheath should last in time and throughout the life of your knife. Check whether the sheath can be stitched with enough strength. To be maintained from time to time (it's leather anyway).

The next consideration is carrying. You need to choice between sheath and just your pocket to carry your knife. But you have to be very careful about your own safety. Your body parts should not be wide open to a large blade. You don’t want to lose your knife in the wild just for a loose fitting. Your budjet should include all this because it’s in the wild we are talking about and you are not getting a shop to go for an alternative.

Choosing the Best Skinning Knife

Sharp edge blade with a curved finish- the main characteristics of skinning knife which is mostly used for slicing, dicing and tricky cutting. As the edge is the most critical part, so the blade edge has to be long lasting and resistant to corrosion. The material used should be of good quality so that rust cannot affect it. It would be worthless if you have to sharp the edge of knife everyday when you need to survive in the wild. The rough weather condition and rain is expected there in the wood. So the edge of the blade has to be up to a level.

Also the handle is vital. It has to be comfortable and balanced while working with detailing. Only a strong and ergonomic handle can serve your very skinning purpose. It should be protected from moisture. There are many types of handle with different types of material ranging from fiberglass to titanium but we need to look at the very purpose that it is going to serve for us. A nice comfortable and stable grip, easy maneuverable lightweight design with long lusting material is the exact thing that we need for skinning. You don’t want to regret with a knife that is not helping you in the wild where you may not get any shop to buy another!


In conclusion, a fixed-blade, full-tang, drop point knife is Ideal for the task you need to perform while you are on hunting or a camping venture. We recommend that for achieving the right strength, usability, and longevity, choose a drop point, fixed-blade knife. We decided to write this article on hunting knives for the simple reason that we find that there is very little information on the web explaining the different points to take into consideration before acquiring a hunting knife.

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