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If you love your rifle, you should protect it as much as possible. One of the best ways to keep it safe is through the use of the best rifle case suitable for it. With proper storage and transportation bag, your rifle will serve you conveniently and for a longer period.

There are lots of fantastic best rifle case brands and models, and each has its unique qualities that set it apart from the pack. Some of the best rifle bags have made it onto this best rifle case review list for a reason. Experts have tested these bags and found to be of incredible quality.

best rifle case

Things To Consider:  Best Rifle Case 

Users who have reviewed the bags have praised them for their ingenious designs and specifications. The best rifle case ensures maximum protection for your rifle and provides easier transportation. To select the best rifle bag, you must consider the following;

Soft-Sided Or Hard-Sided Bag

Most people consider best rifle case as either soft-sided or hard-sided. The soft-sided cases are pretty versatile and have a variety of uses. These bags are made of a variety of fabrics, ranging from nylon to leather to neoprene.They are quiet, lightweight, and easily manageable.

However, they don't offer as much safety to your rifle as the hard-sided case.Hard-sided rifle bags are the best in rifle protection. Just like the name suggests, these bags have rock hard exterior design to protect your firearm from outside forces.


The gun case material is an important factor to consider when you are selecting the best protection for your firearm. Rifle cases are made from a variety of materials that range from aluminum to leather to wood to plastic.

Aluminum is ideal for offering extra protection to your firearm since it makes hard cases. Wood has a classic look, and it makes rifle cases that are stylish and with a superior aesthetic. To select the most appropriate case, you must consider the level of protection, weight, and ease of transportation that the material offers.


Waterproof rifle cases have their pros and cons. Before you purchase a rifle bag, you have to consider whether it is waterproof or not. A waterproof rifle bag will protect your firearm from getting wet.You can choose waterproof rifle cases if you want to protect your valuable rifle from the damages caused by moisture.

The only downside of waterproof cases comes when you are careless enough to close it with moisture inside. Just like it prevents moisture from coming in, it also prevents it from coming out.


The size of the case is as important as anything else. Size is a factor you can't ignore when selecting the best rifle bag and is somehow determined by the size of your rifle. If you will be transporting more than one gun or a single gun with other accessories, then you will need a larger case.

Each case is designed to accommodate a specific number of guns with their accessories. To some extent, size is also proportionate to weight. Which means that larger rifle cases might be heavier than smaller ones?

Other considerations

  • The weight of the rifle case. 
  • Color (camouflaged).
  • Buoyancy for floating on water.

Top 5 Reviews:  Best Rifle Case

When you are searching for the best rifle bags, here are some models that you can look at. All the products are great and will help you carry your rifles safely.

1. NC Star Double Carbine Case

best rifle case

Editor Rating:

NC Star products are well known for their impressive toughness and durability, and NC Star Double Carbine Case has followed suite.

Heavy-duty PVC Material

NC Star Double Carbine Case is made from heavy duty PVC material that makes it an ideal super protective case for your valuable rifles. It can protect up to two carbine sized rifles.

Primary Compartments

This rifle case provides with ample space, hence a convenient choice. The main compartment accommodates two rifles and has a thick padded center divider, four hooks and loop straps for properly securing your rifle.

Secondary Compartment

The secondary compartment is composed of spacious pockets to store extra items such as optics, handguns, log books and cleaning supplies.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

It also features two adjustable shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap that allows you to transport your rifle comfortably like a backpack.

3 Exterior Pockets

This rifle case boasts three extra pockets on the exterior, which provide you with extra space that is perfect for keeping ammo and magazine organized.

2. Condor Single Rifle Case

best rifle case

Editor Rating:

With more than 20 years of experience, Condor is a reputable manufacturer of outdoor products.

Condor Single Rifle Case is an ingeniously designed best rifle case that many hunters have expressed their love for, and for good reason.

Primary Compartment

This compartment can accommodate one rifle 36 inches in length. It also has two hook and loop straps that help to secure your rifle firmly into place.

Secondary Compartment

This compartment is 26 inches long and has two internal pockets for extra storage. The two internal pockets can hold pistols, optics or any other accessories.

Modular Pouches

This best rifle case comes with two modular mag pouches and one modular utility pouch. These three pouches combine to hold a maximum of 14 M4 magazines, which is impressive and convenient.

3/4-Inch Padding

Condor Single Rifle Case features one of the best paddings you can find among rifle bags of similar category. This means that your rifle is extra safe in this bag, and you won't have to worry about the condition of your firearm while transporting it.

3. Voodoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

best rifle case

Editor Rating:

This rifle case is a perfect selection for almost any shooter out there. It has been ingeniously designed to offer protection to your rifle, besides giving you an effortless transportation of your firearm.

Two 36-Inch Riffle and Two Hand-guns

Voodoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case is designed to carry two riffles of 36 inches each, plus two handguns. That means it can conveniently hold more firearms than most rifle bags, hence providing you with an easier way of firearm transportation.

Ample Mag Pouches

With an incredible 12-mag pouch, this rifle case can sufficiently accommodate six 30-rd rifle mags and six pistol mags. This is enough space to make your outdoor hunting handy and successful.

Adjustable, removable Shoulder Strap

This rifle bag features adjustable, removable shoulder strap that boasts MOOLLE webbing. This makes it possible for you to carry your riffle around with extra ease and comfort.

Grip-Strip Flap Covers

This is another significant feature that adds value to this Voodoo rifle bag. The grip-strip flap covers help hold your rifle and pistol mags securely into place.

4. Condor Double Rifle Case

best rifle case

Editor Rating:

Condor Double cases are designed to carry2 rifles, with an extra 26-inch compartment for pistol, SMG, Optic, or other accessories needed for a successful hunting or shooting adventure.

Main Compartment

The main compartment can accommodate 2 rifles of up to 42 inches long. This compartment also includes 4 hook and loops straps that help secure your firearms into place.

Outer Compartments

The outer compartments are 26 inches long and features 2 internal pockets for pistols and other accessories. This compartment also holds 2 modular magazine pouches and one modular utility pouch for an efficient holding for your mags and utility.

Detachable Padded Backpack Strap

Condor Double Rifle Case features hideaway/detachable padded backpack strap and sternum strap to modify the rifle transportation process. This innovative feature simplifies everything for the shooter during riffle transportation.

Heavy-duty Zippers

It also features heavy duty YYK zippers that provide easy and fast access to your firearms and accessories. These zippers also ensure maximum safety of your belongings carried inside the rifle case.

5. UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case

best rifle case

Editor Rating:

This is one hell of best rifle case I tell you. It is designed with amazing innovative features that any shooter will fall in love with.

It is sleek and convenient to carry around. That means you will carry your firearms in a stress-free manner.

Dual Riffle Concealed Storage

It offers double rifle storage that is concealed for extra protection of your firearm and other accessories. Its conceal style is unique, and can be trusted to keep even the most delicate firearm safe.

Huge Padded Front Pocket

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case boasts of a large padded front pocket with eight elastic loops for an extra and firm holding of the accessories. The pocket is large enough to hold your extras safely.

Well Padded High-Density Foam

With concealed firearm storage, this rifle case is designed with well-padded high-density foam with two rows of BTS Webbing. These features give you firearms an extra protection during their transportation.

Six Adjustable Hook and Loop Straps

With 6 fully adjustable straps, this riffle bag offers top security for your items. Its hook and loop straps can firmly secure up to two rifles with retractable stock, plus 6-8 pistols.

Final Word

There are lots of amazing best rifle case out there, but only five have made it to this list because they are among the best. Many hunters and shooters who have tried them out have confessed their love for the best rifle case.

If you haven't tried out any of them yet, you can be sure to get the best service from these bags if you are looking to purchase the best rifle case for your firearm.Of course, these rifle cases also have their downsides, though the cons are greatly overshadowed by their amazing features and characteristics.

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