Best Spotting Scope Under 500 dollars

The first thing that you need to determine is the amount of money that you have to buy a spotting scope. If you have less than 500 hundred dollars to spend, trust me, you can get the best spotting scope under 500 dollars that will provide an exemplary performance.

Outdoor adventure is among the most enjoyable activities that you can engage in to experience the real experience of beautiful nature.Sometimes seeing things that are far away can be difficult when you are using a pair of binoculars because of its low power.

This is where spotting scopes come in, proving you with the best vision for objects that are far away from you. With the right spotting scope, it is easy to see some rare species of bird and other wildlife as well as their behavior.

In this guide, I have shared with some reviews on the best spotting scope under 500 dollars. You don't need to worry about the quality and high performance because They are the product from well known companies nad tested according to their standard. Hence they make the best outdoor companions.

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

Things To Consider : Best spotting scope under 500 dollars

Knowing the exact thing that you want your spotting scope to have is the best way in which you can get a desirable product that works fine. Here are some of the most important things that you should put in mind when you are purchasing best spotting scope under 500 dollars.

Quality of Glass

For quality and clear images, you should look for a spotting scope that is designed with quality glasses. Most of the lenses in top selling spotting scopes are made with fluorite-coated, high density or extra-low glass for optimal performance.

Eye Relief

The positioning of the eye lens to the pupil can vary from one eyepiece to the other. It is substantial to pay attention to the right length for people who wear spectacles to get a perfect view.


A spotting scope that comes with tripod stand is very rewarding. This provides you with a perfect view and in some of the models; the stand can be mounted on a car for a clear view of your target.

Other Considerations

  • Does the scope have a grip barrel or knob for focusing?
  • Is the scope straight or angled?
  • Look at how the scope is easy to handle
  • Is the scope durable?
  • Does it come with a carrying case?

Recommended : Best spotting scope under 500 dollars

After researching and testing a variety of models, we came up with the best spotting scope under 500 dollars that you can buy in this price range. We have tried to provide  a  detailed description of every product below so that you can get more details and features about the products.

1. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 Scope

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

Editor Rating:

If you want to get the best spotting scope under 500 dollars that you can share with friends, an angled scope is the best. You can tilt the device to any preferred angle for easy group viewing.

An affordable scope like the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 will be a great selection if you want to enjoy the performance of a great machine without spending a lot of money.

Rubber Armored Housing

This scope is designed with a nice housing making it perfect for daily handling. It is also designed with a waterproof material and nitrogen purged housing for durability.

Prime ED Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

This scope has everything that will help you get the best images. This low dispersion glass objective lens greatly helps in optimizing edge contrast and the color rendition for quality images.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

The fully coated lenses provide clear images, so if you are out for hunting, you can depend on this scope for the best objects. The scope also has a rain guard HD coating that offers good clarity during wet weather.

Rotating Tripod Stand

The scope comes with a rotating tripod stand for easy mounting. If you want to change the operation of the scope from handheld, the rotating tripod will help you get a perfect view.

2. Redfield 114651Rampage 20-60x 80 Scopes

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

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You need to be very careful when you are selecting best spotting scope under 500 dollars. Nobody wants to have a product that does not perform or deliver the desired vision.

The good thing is that the Redfield 114651Rampage 20-60x 80 mm spotting scope is a product that can look at if you want a quality scope designed to perform better.This scope works amazingly well even at its lowest setting; you can still look past 500 yards and see clear images.

Optical Performance

The scope offers low magnification of 20 x to a high magnification of 60, and it has a very large diameter objective lens, measuring 80mm. For clear and bright images, this scope features fully multi-coated optics and Bak-4 prism glass.


This is the easiest spotting scope that you can use without having any problems. It is an angled scope, and the eyepiece is inclined 45 degrees from the objective lens. The spotting scope also comes with a tabletop tripod and tripod adaptable mounting foot.


The durable construction of this scope offers the best performance for any outdoor activity. The scope is nitrogen filled making fog proof and water proof.

3. Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Scope

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

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Vanguard is a widely known company in the production of spotting scopes. The company provides very useful devices that you will love to use for any outdoor activity.

One of their best spotting scope under 500 dollars that the company ever produced is the Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope.

Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

The scope is designed with very quality optical technology that ensures you get accurate color rendition and eliminates color fringing for the best view possible.

Multi-Coated Lens

The lens of the spotting scope features several layers of coatings to provide the best light transmission. The scope also features a phase coated BAK 4 roof prism. You can be assured of quality and real images every time you are using this scope for viewing.

Rubber Covered Eyecup

The scope brags of an extended rubber covered eyecup and an excellent eye relief when you are using it at its highest settings.

Objective Lens

Unlike most of the scope, this model comes with a large diameter objective lens for effective light gathering. Again, the angled eyepiece with 20 x to 60 x magnification give you the opportunity to see images with more clarity.

4. Leupold SX-1 Ventana Angled Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

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If you have used uncompromising optics that didn't work well as you imagined, you can upgrade your device by getting a more powerful unit that will help you see far away objects.Choosing the best spotting scope can be challenging if you have not done it before.  

You need to be careful so that you can get a product that will impress you every time that it is in use.With the Leupold SX-1 Ventana Angled Spotting Scope, you can take your viewing to a higher level and achieve bright visuals. This scope has a very dependable frame for durability and general handling.

Ergonomic Design

The scope features an aggressive knurling on the focus knob, and the lens shade provides positive and sure adjustments even when your hands are gloved.

Multi-coat Lens

The lenses of the scope are designed to provide you with optimal clarity, brightness color fidelity and contrast. You will always have a real view of your target image.

Eye Relief

The eye relief on this scope is generous. The comfortable twist eyecups and the non-critical eye relief make it easy when you are using the scope for a long time. You can enjoy long glassing sessions without a breeze.

Waterproof and Fog Proof

This spotting scope is designed with 100 percent waterproof and fog proof construction. This means that you can use the scope under any condition and still view your desired images clearly.

On top of that, the scope is also designed with retractable lens shade that eliminates any glare on the lens to improve the quality of the image.

5. Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scope under 500 dollars

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Get the Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope and enjoy viewing almost anything that you would love to see clearly when you are outdoors.

This scope has some great things that you can look making it the best and reliable tool for any outdoor viewing.

Magnesium Alloy Body

The body of this scope is designed with magnesium alloy to offer a dependable imaging performance at low light under any weather condition.

Rotating Tripod Stand

You don't need to spend any extra money when purchasing a tripod stand because the scope comes with one. The tripod rotates with ease making your work easier when viewing any direction.

ED Objective Lens

This is another impressive thing about this scope. The lenses minimize chromatic aberration so you can see the image perfectly well because of the accurate color reproduction.

22-67x Eyepiece

This eyepiece makes the scope perfect for intermediate to long-range glassing. You will enjoy using the broad magnification range and the comfortable 20mm eye relief.

Final Word

Outdoor adventure can be made successful and enjoyable if you carry a well-performing spotting scope for easy viewing. I have offered you with some best spotting scope under 500 dollars that you can select.

The scopes are made of quality materials, and they are designed to withstand all weather conditions and daily usage.

Whether you want a straight or angled spotting scope, you can always choose a scope that meets your needs. Any of these scopes will be reliable for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, birding, nature study and stargazing among others.

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