Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope Review

The Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope is an excellent product that you will love when you are watching different types of birds and other things that you want to focus on.
Why do you require a spotting scope for watching bird and other wildlife? Binoculars are great devices that can be used to watch birds and other types of objects that you may want to focus. However, they view is limited. You cannot see objects that are far away when you are using a pair of binoculars. This is why you need to get the best spotting scope so that you can see clearly your target species as well some of their behaviors when you zoom.

Several things differentiate spotting scope from binoculars. The obvious reason is that the scopes are monocular. Again, they are designed with larger barrels and objective lenses so that they can accommodate a higher magnification.

Features of Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope

We know you are wondering how you are going to select the right spotting scope. I’m here to provide you with information about Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope  you can go for.

Bushnell Sentry

1. Compact and Lightweight

With Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope, you enjoy every single moment of your nature walk. You are prevented from carrying a bulky device that can ruin your adventure because it is uncomfortable to carry.

This device is designed with durable yet compact and lightweight material making it easy to transport. It doesn’t matter how long you will be walking, the weight of this device will not be a bother.

2. Waterproof Design

Sometimes the weather may not be as you planned. If you have a low-quality spotting scope, you might be limited to use it when it is raining or foggy.

But the good thing of Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope is that this can be used anywhere at any time. Its waterproof design ensures that your device doesn’t get damaged even when it comes into contact with water.

3. Multi-coated Optics

This is another impressive thing that enhances the performance of the Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope . The multi-coated optics provide increased light transmission hence you can get a clear and bright image.

It is easy to view all the details of the object that you are viewing such that it looks as if you are watching it closely without any device.

4. Carrying Case

When you are travelling or exploring different places, you need to carry your spotting scope conveniently, so that is safe.

This scope comes with a soft carrying case that is durable and fits the device perfectly well. You can transport the scope to any place you want to take your viewing with ease.

5. Compact Tripod

If you want to put an extension to your device, you can make good use of the tripod stand that comes with Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope . This makes your work easier hence you can pay attention to the particular object that you want to view.

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  • It is compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • The compact tripod stand provides stability.
  • It has a rubber armor that absorbs shock.
  • Its waterproof design makes it easy to use in all weather conditions.
  • The multicoated optics offer increased light transmission.


  • It does not work well past 100 yards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to see bullet holes up to 100 yards with this scope?

A: Yes you can. This is the best spotting scope that I have ever owned. It works well and provides a clear vision.

Q: Is it possible to see .22s at 50 feet?

A: Yes, you can. This scope is very effective at 50 feet. It is an excellent product to have.

Q: According to the advert, they have stated that this scope is a newer model. What is the difference between this model and the previous one?

A: There is no much difference between the two products. The only notable thing that I found different is the rubber coating.

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Final Verdict

For the selling price, there are of things that you will benefit from when you are using Bushnell Sentry 18-36x 50mm Spotting Scope. This easy to use scope comes with amazing features that will help you get clear images even at the highest magnification.

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