Celestron 52250 80mm ultima zoom spotting scope Review

Watching wildlife can be interesting if you have the right device with you, that offer a high magnification and clear images. With a spotting scope, you can enjoy long distance watching and see objects that are very far clearly. However, some of the scopes like celestron ultima 80 mm (52250) that you will come across are bulky and cumbersome, and it doesn’t look fun when you are carrying a heavy object with you.

This is many people opt to go for a pair of binoculars because they are easy to carry around when they are going to watch the wild. Keep calm and get close to nature with the celestron ultima 80 mm (52250). This is a device that you cannot afford to leave behind when you are going for outdoor activities.

This spotting scope has total approval from the customers who have used it. There are so many things that you will love about this lightweight device. Lin this review I have tried to cover almost every bit so that you can get a deeper understanding of the functionality of this spotting scope.

Celestron ultima 80 mm

Let’s check out the features of Celestron ultima 80 mm (52250)

1. Sturdy Design

Even if you have the best spotting scope on the market, it will be of no use if it will end up breaking down after several weeks of use.

You want a machine that will provide you with value for your money, and this is where the celestron ultima 80 mm (52250) comes in. It is a sturdy device that can handle regular use. It also has a carrying case making it easy to keep your scope in good condition all the time.

2. Lightweight Construction

Nobody wants to carry a heavy scope which can be tedious and tiring. You want a lightweight device that you will not even feel its weight when you are carrying it.

This scope is of good quality, and it is also lightweight. You can enjoy your country walk perfectly well when you are carrying it with you.

3. Ease of Use

This is a mid-range spotting scope that almost everybody interested in viewing can use without any problems. Even if you are viewing with this scope for the first time, you will not have any problems using the scope.

Again, it has rubber eye cup making it perfect for people who wear spectacles and those who have eye problems.

4. Bright Images

In most of the spotting scopes, they are designed with a lens that measures around 60mm. This model is different because it has a lens of 80mm. This provides the brightest images as compared to its competitors. This makes viewing wildlife one of the most pleasant activities you can engage it.

4. Zoom Lens

This celestron ultima 80 mm (52250) will allow you get a magnification from 20x to 60x. This is a useful device for people who are concerned about seeing the details and additional behaviors of animals from a considerable distance.

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  • It has multi-coated optics.
  • Comes with a soft carrying case.
  • It has a zoom eyepiece.
  • Carries limited lifetime warranty.
  • This scope has a sturdy design.


  • The image quality I not that high

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our home is near a lake, and we want to view the wildlife. Which tripod stand would you recommend for this spotting scope?

A: I would advise you to spend at least $100, and you will be assured of a quality tripod stand. Do not go for the cheap models because they might end up disappointing you.

Q: Is this spotting scope waterproof and does it come with a tripod?

A: The scope doesn’t come with a tripod stand. And according to the advertisement, they say it is waterproof. I haven’t tested that yet.

Q: Is it possible to take pictures with this scope?

A: Depending on the camera that you are you have, you need to buy T-ring and then take the pictures after you mount your camera to this spotting scope.

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Final Verdict

If you are worried about carrying a heavy spotting scope with you, consider the celestron ultima 80 mm (52250) as a great purchase because it is ultra lightweight and offers you with quality images.

This scope is not difficult to use. In fact, you will have the best time seeing birds and other wildlife that you would love to watch from a distance.

The spotting scope also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This is an assurance of quality and the best years of great viewing. So why don’t you give this spotting scope a chance and find how different it is from using a pair of binoculars?

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Bryan Jackson

Not knowing what to expect, the expertise was on the far side expectations. I bow-hunted nine days and shot nine animals. Had the most effective time looking a steenbuck - that I ne'er got! My guide Woody Herman created all the distinction. initial time I spot & pedunculate game thanks to Herman. will be back!

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