How to choose the best family camping tents : Guide and Reviews

Hang out with your family is something that every one of us waits for. It is the boost that recharges us to work and live. And wound not it be a great idea if this can be turned it to an adventure? And the best family camping tents should be the part and parcel of your outing. 
Yes! Venturing an adventure with your family camping requires you the best family camping tents that fits you and your family. And choosing a suitable one can be a little tricky in more cases than not.

All tents are not meant for the same purpose. Family camping tents requires special consideration. It may not be problem for seasoned campers but for the one who does not have any camping experience, a guide is must. Unlike backpacking tents or trekking tents, family camping tents are designed to accommodate more people. You need to think about what type of outing you have planned what activities you’d like to do and where is the place you’ll be mounting the tent, and consider those facts to select the best family camping tent.

best family camping tents

For example cabin-style tent that apprehended the whole family so well. So buying the best family tent can be as tricky as to buying a home, although on a much smaller scale. Lack in knowing the detail can ruin your whole camping experience with family.

Top 3 best family camping tents -Reviews 

Editors Rating 

best family camping tents

Features at a glance  

  • Capacity : Sleeps 8 people
  •  72" center height
  • WeatherTec system's patented welded floors and inverted seams.
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system  to adjust airflow and access gear. 
  • Room divider included
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Roomy interior
  • Optional room dividers
  • Eye-catching design
  • Tub floor


  • Setup is more difficult than one person can handle easily
  • Design allows for minimal rain seepage

Best selling 8-persons family camping tent  

Editors Rating 

best family camping tents

Features at a glance 

  • Capacity : Sleeps 6 people
  • Structure : 6 ft. center height
  • Instant set up within 60 second
  • WeatherTec system's patented welded floors and inverted seams.
  • Spacious interior, room to move
  • Pre-attached pole for easy set up 
  • Integrated vented rainfry for protection from rain
  • Polyester  seam to keep the water away


-Quick, one-minute setup The tent is a one-piece design,

-All-in-one construction

-Spacious design

-Weatherproof fabric resists moisture

-Illuminated guy lines for safety at night


-Window coverings flap down inside tent

-Air flow isn't best for cold weather

If you meaning of camping is passing time with big family in nature and you are fan of crowd pleasure than this would be the best for you. This tent is drudgery and modernized. It can provide room for two queen-sized airbeds.

Easy Set up:
The Great problem you might think while planning for a big family camping is setting up the tent. This excellent tent comes to solve your problem with its pre-assembled set up. This no-hassle set up is a great advantage that would make you choose this tent. You would need minimal effort to set it up and take it down in about a minute. If you want to step out at night without violating the entire structure, the Illuminated reflecting guy line would allow you with that.

best family camping tent

Strong and Spacious design:
This tent comes with uncompromising one-piece construction. The quality is assured. The poles are made of steel. That’s why you would get excellent strength and stability. It can resist strong wind even.
It is spacious both horizontally and vertically. This roomy design allows event adults to stand at ease in the tent. And the great thing about this tent is that it allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of nature which is your main purpose for camping.

Easy Carrying:
The convenient large sized carrying bag comes with the package so that you can easily carry it with you while going and getting back from camping. It saves both your time and space.

Protection from rain :

The built-in rainfly offers excellent storm protection.

Check out these pros and cons for the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent:

Are you afraid of claustrophobia? Then this tent is for you. With more space and height, Coleman Eight-person Red Canyon Tent is another tent that you can choose while camping with your entire family. It provides open ease and excellent panoramas. We believe it should be placed in the top three camping tents among all eight-person tents out there.

Separate spacious rooms:
You can have separate rooms for whole family where you can have a relaxed and stretch out atmosphere. It has got the capacity to make room for eight persons and also got the option to divide the room into separate sections. The measurement is 17 by 10 feet and 72 inches high. So t assures you don’t need to worry about the panic of claustrophobia.

Easy set up

This is quite a straightforward task! Yes we are talking about setting up this tent . As you are going with your family, It is better to have more hands to make sure that the process is done perfectly and safely . It would be enjoyable as well! Inside the storage bag the instruction for the tent is given. But you can be sure that it would need only for one time. It is so easy to set up.

Storage bag and other accessories:

A storage bag comes with the tent to keep the tent's gears together. Stakes and guylines are also available. It would be a good idea if you can buy a rubber mallet to drive in the stakes.

WeatherTec System :
the WeatherTec System offers a relaxed dry night's sleep even in rainstorms. Its better Although to close up the seams to make sure that the tent keeps on dry after several uses.

Best selling 6-persons family camping tent  

3. Coleman  Sundown 6 persons  Tent

Editors Rating 

best family camping tents

Features at a glance 

  • Capacity : Sleeps 4 people
  • Structure : 59" center height
  • Electric access port
  • WeatherTec system's patented welded floors and inverted seams.
  • Storage pockets to organize the gear.
  • Spacious interior, room to move
  • Insta-Clip Pole attachments stand up to wind
  • 9 ft. x 7 ft. footprint fits 4 people or one queen airbed
  • 4 ft. 11 in. center height
  • Carry bag included


  • Quick, easy set up
  • Lightweight, compact design when packed
  • Affordable
  • Breathable for comfort in warm weather
  • Rainfly offers great waterproof protection
  • Mesh storage features and lantern hook for convenient organization


  • Not suitable for cool nights
  • Seam can leak in water.

Among the 3 –season tents Coleman Sundown is a popular name. It’s comfortable and cozy. Although it sleeps two, the spacious tent can hold up to six people sitting. Spacious interior, room to move

Easy set up:
It comes with Insta-Clip poles that give you strength to fight wind. 8.5 mm fiberglass is snag-free. It helps you to set up the tent without any hassle. You don’t need to thread cumbersome poles through lengthy fabric sleeves. Dome design offers you a swift mounting. It would take only 15 minutes to mount the tent

WeatherTec system:
Comes with a rainfly that assures you necessary protection from storms and rain . WeatherTec™ system's bonded floors and reversed seams keep out water.

Easy carrying:

The lightweight design allows you to transport the tent easily. It also comes with carry bag for easy transport.

Protection from heat and humidity:
The polyester fabric assures you that it would be breath-friendly. You don’t need to be worry feeling scorching heat. The mesh breach under the rainfly would allow breezes. There is proper ventilation that lessens condensation. So you won’t feel sweaty. Ground vent and large windows move air up and out. Floor is designed with 1000D Polyethylene.

best family camping tents

Protection from rain:

It comes with Rainfly awning for shade and rain protection. The seams can be sealed if you want to camp in the rain to avoid water leakage.

While this tent is great for warmer climates, it's not designed as a four season tent. If you wish to extend the seasonal use of your tent, you might consider bringing along a blanket to cover the tent mesh openings, and then cover that with the rainfly. Doing so will reduce the breathability of your tent, but it will keep in warmth and keep out chilly winds.

Storage Pockets:
You can keep your necessary belongings for camping inside the storage pocket. It helps you to keep your camping gears organized.

Best selling 10-persons family camping tent  

Top 10 Things to consider before buying the Best Family Camping Tents

1. Knowing the terminologies for a camping tent:

Knowing the general terminologies and ins and out of  camping tents would certainly help you to choose the best family camping tents. We have presented a detail guide on that in this post. Would you please care for clicking on this link?- How to choose the best camping tents: A comprehensive guide

2. Purpose for the family camping tent.

If you want just family camping tents for your kids to camp out in your home back yard then your selection for the best family camping tents should be different. Or if you just want to avoid spending money on hotel during a vacation, the picture would be different. In other cases, may be you are looking for a little adventure with your family and want to render theme a learning on camping (that would be a great idea, indeed!)
What we meant to say is your purpose is important while purchasing the best family camping tents. Otherwise it could be ended up with uncomfortable hassle and wasting of money.

3. Seasonality consideration in choosing the best family camping tents:

We guess it would be somewhat comfortable weather, during late spring, summer, and early fall when you want to go for camping with your family. In less cases than not you would likely to go for camping with family in an uncomfortable weather.
So it can be said with certain assurity that you don’t need a 4 season tent. Rather 3 season tents would be best for you. Majority of tents on the market are three season tents. These 3 season tents would allow you to have a comfortable air to be flown inside the tent while still would be able to give protection from rain in an accidental case of bad weather.

best family camping tents

4. Place for your camping:

If it is just for a back yard camping you can enjoy it with a relatively low quality tent. But if you want to go for an adventure to a soft forest or a rocky mountain, then the considerations should be different.

If you are taking your kids along with you, you’ll most likely to be paying attention on discovering a nice camping space so that you would have some fun with some great family activities.

Your consideration should include some protection from accidental rough weather, room for your gears and other accessories, carrying facilities and many more. (Of course you don’t want your family to be blown with sand or wet in rain during an outing!)
Or do you need privacy in a crowded campsite or you want to enjoy with so many people. Would it be near splendid panorama from a remote mountain plateau or it would be near riverside.

5. Size and Sleeping Capacity

For best family camping tents this is a pretty certain that you need a tent that is large enough to make rooms for all of your family members. And you must add all their gears and other accessories

As it is a family camping tent, sleeping capacity is a major consideration. Before selecting the best family camping tents, please remember that the tent could provide you with a very little wiggle room for sleeping. So it would be better to choose a tent with a capacity for one extra person and also room for your gears. If you want to have a cozy camping experience, you can just double the capacity. And if your kids toss and turn while sleeping, you are badly in need of a more spacious tent.

You need to be ready for a rough weather. And if that happens unfortunately, then there should be enough room in your tent to enjoy more that than just to get squeezed inside.

6. Height

Claustrophobia is something that could ruin your camping experience. If any member of your family is claustrophobic, than you should be very serious about the height of the tent. Height is also a factor for tall people.

What happens in family camping, it needs a frequent coming and going from in and outside of tent. A tent with considerable height would make things easier for everyone.
We would prefer a cabin style tent because they allow you more standing room. Though, the dome style tents normally are tallest. But it is only in the center. Sometimes you need to crouch to enter into the tent. So your preference while choosing the best family camping tents should be a cabin style tent. It would be comfortable to share with many people. 

best family camping tents

7. Carrying and setting up your tent

If you have to carry your tent for a long way, it has to be a light one and you should avoid carrying extra bells and whistles. But if it is a vehicle that is ready to take a heavy load then a family tent with great housing facility should be selected.

If your kids are with you and there is a chance that you won’t be carrying your tent for more than a few hundred yards from where your car’s parked, you can go for a larger and spacious tent.
Tents with heavy weights are likely to be tougher. They can resist wind better and last more seasons.

As you are going with your family you have many hands to set up your tent. But it would be better to choose a tent which needs less easy to mount. It would save your time and hassle.

8. Durability

You are outside your home and your tent is the only shelter you have for your family. So you should not compromise the quality and durability in case of rough weather. A cheap tent made for occasional summer breaks might not able to resist strong wind. In the case of rough weather its worth paying some more money on a more durable and quality tent.
So, the material matters in selecting the best family camping tents.
The tent you would see now a days, are generally made with to material

  • Nylon-made:
  • Polyester.

Nylon –made are stronger and much lighter weight. But more expensive and they are not able to shed water as well as polyester-made one do.
Some tents are coated with polyurethane or silicone. This coating helps tents to keep away water and give protection from UV rays.

9. Construction

It requires careful inspection when you are selecting the best family camping tents. You should not miss some criteria. You should be assured of whether the seam runs around the bottom of the tent. Or is it raised a bit off the ground so that water doesn't leak in through the seam? A Tub floor construction is a sign of benchmark for the construction of a quality tent.

The poles should be made up of strong material like aluminum. You cannot afford a snapping. Clips are much simpler and can make setup a breeze, so if you will be setting up your tent by yourself keep this in mind.

10. Layout:

If you want a little extra area for the gears of your family a vestibules area should be included. Many large tents have got a central door and a vestibule area for storing gears and a separate sleeping room. It gives you extra space and privacy. It would be relaxing if you consider these points while buying the best family camping tent.

There are other accessories available like muflaps keep the rain water away and. You can have mesh shelves, footprints or tarps that guard the tent floor by giving them a smooth surface.

best family camping tents


Take time while buying. Try to be cautious about you purchase. A downpour followed by a leakage can ruin all your adventure and it would be a devastating memory. For quality camping please go through our review and select the best family tents that suits you.

Never use a heater in your tent.The tent materials is intrinsically flammable. It could cause a severe fire hazard. There is also a risk for odorless and noiseless carbon monoxide poisoning. So have a safe camping!

Hope the camping experience brings your family a little closer!

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