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How to create friendly Bird habitat beside your house

Make available haven for birds.

It is very hard to find enough natural holes to go around, especially in peopled suburbs and cities. If that is the case, you can offer birdhouses which could be a welcoming shelter for the many species of birds that would otherwise nest in tree cavities and enclosures. This site is going to offer you more about Birding- Architecture.

 Make it ‘At home’ for the birds.

In order to flourish, there is nothing better than the accustomed plants the Birds and insects are co-evolved with. Certainly, the origin for the Bird habitats life depends on the native plants of any given area. Easy adaptation to local climate for the native species eventually requires less water, less maintenance. It gives you the possibilities for better adjustment and shifting in climate. To find the  native plants in your area please click here .

Beware of the use of pesticide and fertilizer. 

A detrimental effect of chemicals on the environment has become a great concern. Chemicals can have an adverse effect on the environment and habitats of birds. According to an article published in birdlife.org, worldwide, more than two million tons of pesticides are applied annually and usage continues to increase.


According to one conservative estimate, 672 million birds in the USA are directly exposed each year to pesticides on farmland, and 10% of these birds die as a result (Williams 1997). As is probably the case in most countries, there is no centralized database in the USA to collect the information on bird kills attributed to pesticides. So This is a must to guard the birds and the bugs they eat by reducing the use of pesticide and fertilizer.

Be it messy! Maintain the natural ambiance of your lawn or yard.

Let it be higgledy-piggledy as it is! Birds would not mind messy backdrops. This is because they imitate their natural habitats. Deceased trees, grass, and discarded leaf heaps all endow with a natural spring of insects and asylum. Healthy bird communities are inextricably linked to healthy insect populations. Ninety-six percent of terrestrial North American birds raise their young on insects. That’s why you need so many insects for the birds to love your yard or lawn.  And these insects need a natural environment too. The Independent made a report where, Chuanhui Gu- a biogeochemist from Appalachian State University told that “We found that the urban turfgrass system actually contributes to global warming. It’s a lot. It’s about two-thirds of the carbon emissions from agricultural fields [of the same area],”

Work with the Audubon society and other organizations.

You can work with governmental agencies, private businesses, and local non-profits you can create a better habitat for birds. They are serving residents alter lawns to a flora and fauna backdrop. Check your local Audubon Center or Native Plant Society for specific native plant sales, for a larger selection of the native plant palette! Work with them to create a better environment for birds. Even many organizations like Toyota are working regarding this matter. With support from Toyota through Toyota TogetherGreen program, Audubon is running across the country to assist constructing yards more livable for birds and other wildlife. California’s Altacal Audubon Society is creating a Neighborhood Habitat Certification Program intended to instruct and give power to individuals to take action to reinstate and to make a habitat , one yard at a time.

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