How to fish with drones: Dronefishing explained

Dronefishing has got a new dimension! Really! We know that, fishing-photography by drone is not a new affair both the arena of fishing and drone. Built-in camera of drones has enabled us to capture stunning photos of fishing. But Dronefishing is something much more than just to take a photo or video. Dronefishing is now termed as having a bird-eye view and territory-covering ability which enable the fishers and anglers for scouting for fish, inspect topography, and analyzing fish behavior. This innovative application of drone in fishing leads a new exciting way of fishing! Some adventurous anglers have started to bend rods and catch more fish.One of those adventurous attempts gone viral on Youtube. It was a uncoventional dronefishing attempt by David Freiheit in Lake Champlain in North America. Lets Check out that viral video here.  

Oh! Man! That was outrageous and fun! But Let us make it very clear that that this is not about fixing a fishing line, hook or bait directly to the drone. We are not going to bait with the drone!
Its actually taking the line or bait to a distance where your boat or kayak cannot bring you to. That is exactly the thing you want to do beyond just surfing or scouting for fishes.

Only problem is that most of the drones have very limited flight time. If it can be increased that, we bet, Dronefishing is going to be the most important dimension in fishing that would include bringing out more fishes, alluring more bites, and capturing better photos and videos by the use of drones.

In the middle of the water some drone can really hold the bait on the surface. They can also create resistance that is required to release a kite clip.

Below there is a video from Australian Jaiden Maclean's popular video series using a drone both to spot fish and to capture.Here we can see that the possibility of application of drone for fishing has got a great future.

Let us see an innovative way to fishing or angling with the help of drone:

Get a drone first:

What are the factors that would help you to get the best drone for fishing? Of course the battery life is the most important thing to consider. Because it is related to the flight time and to the flying speed. These two are very crucial when your drone is out there in the middle of the water. We would suggest you to pick DJI phantom 3. This drone has got the feature which can really make Dronefishing comfortable. It is one of the most popular drones for fishing photography as well. It would be better if you go through some information about different features of drones. 

The adventure begins! Manipulate the drone for “casting” your line

  • At the very beginning you have to fabricate an innovative sort of add-on point to your drone. It has to be positioned just in the middle of the drone structure so that it can keep its balance and can avoid uneven pressure on propeller.
  • It would be the best if you fix it to the legs or landing gear of the quadcopter. We want to give a caution that please doesn’t attach it to the camera. It may put pressure on it and can make damage. If there is no landing gear or something like leg, you may attach it something with which it get a support.
  • The structure of DJI phantom 3 is really goes with this innovative idea. You can fix equal-length fishing line sector from round the landing section. The tether needs to be much secured. Please check out the diagram
  • All set! Now it’s time to manipulation on release mechanism. Fixing a downrigger release clips to the joining point is better. Whether by clipping or any other way, make sure that it is secure enough.
  • The release clip would help you to hold and release the fishing line whenever you want. You can adjust the carrying power. It depends on the capacity of the drone to hold it.
  • Next step is –Your fishing line has to be fixed to the release clip. You need to unlock the reel and let the line pass through smoothly.
  • It’s time to fly! Let your drone fly with the bait to the desired location. Once you got the right location, lock the reel and fly the quadcopter out until the tension go off the release clip. To make the combination better you can test it before flying out.
  • There you go. Your drone would work on fishing. You have to work on the control so that the drone can perform efficiently and get back to the land.

Things to be noted:

Controlling under wind
Wind is one of the biggest factors! If your drone is not strong enough to resist the wind and rip through it, there is a chance that all your effort would end up with a mess and you would lose your drone. How to fly a drone is really important to know if you really want to enjoy this fun of Dronefishing. It needs practice and you can make it, for sure.

Monitoring is important:

Don’t let the drone fly beyond its range and your capability! You need to monitor it! You don’t want your drone to be fallen into water. There can be emergency case like decrease of your battery power or you lose connections. In that case, if you want to get your drone back to the land, you can fix an extra line to it and pull it back to home.
For extra caution, please check out some water proof drones out there.

Avoid extra load:

The problem with the Dronefishing is extra load. Make sure that the load or pressure your drone is carrying does not exceed its capacity.

Final words:

No doubt that dronefishing is not the most effective way of fishing. The limitation of battery life and the limited capacity of the drone to hold the pressure are the drawbacks. But the idea of dronefishing actually has paved the way to the possibilities of using the technology more efficiently in fishing.

So if fishing is your hobby this is going to be a real excitement for you. You don’t need a boat or kayak anymore to go out for fishing. A Drone is there for you to give you the best company while fishing!
Happy Fishing!

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