Top 5 Bird Watching Essentials

Watching and identifying birds with patience and passion, is something that we call birding . Bird watching essentials are not only just having a look on the birds  like we do, whenever we are in a general outing. The first thing you require is patience. And it would come as an inevitable consequence of your passion for birding. You have a short time, the light could be dim, birds are very active would fly off to and fro. So every little second you are with the bird is precious for your proper observation. Here we have presented the top 5 bird watching essentials.

The top 5 bird watching essentials:


  • Attentive efforts to view. Viewing period is the most important part A bird-watcher have to emphasize on. Observe the marking, movement, songs , size , food habit. A sketch can be helpful. Observe until it flies away.
  • Listening to the song is not just for being charmed. We need to remember the song because song is an important criterion to differentiate between birds. Identify the correct song for the particular bird.
  • Try to guess the approximate size. It would be easy if you compare it with your familiar birds.try to visualize or sketch the size.

bird watching essentials

  • Concentrate on the structure and color of head, eye line or face. Notice whether there is crest or hood on the head, their shape- flattened, curvy or conical.
  • Wing birds, body marking, leg color, body color arrangements, markings are to be noted.
  • The length of leg , neck or beak , compared to the size of the body is a criterion to discriminate.
  • Observe the movement. Whether it is frequent or very slow. Also, keep an eye on the flight pattern.

 Field Guide:

A field guide is a helpful book for the wildlife lover , It helps the reader to  identify and distinguish plants or animals or birds or  other natural creations. It is written according to the ‘field’ or local area where those particular natural objects exist. One of the most influential field guides is  Peterson Field Guides.
The other’s are:

1. National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

2.Kaufman Focus Guide

3.Stokes Field Guides.The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition Flexibound – by David Allen       Sibley (Author)

 Scopes :

Is Bird –watching your passion? If you think that bird watching is going to be your passion , the most important think you need among bird watching essentials is a Birding scope.  You need a optics tool which will help you to observe the bird from distant, without disturbing your observing object. You need either binocular or a spotting scope. But we would suggest you to go for a scope because of the scope’s performance over that of a binocular.  Binoculars can do well, but if you want every detail of the object that what you need is a scope. You can check out  the analysis and review of the best spotting scopes  birding here.

 Find the habitat:

Where would you find the birds?  To be able to find the bird you have to know the habitat each species of bird. Whether it is trees or lakes to ground . Find the habitats of the bird in your Location .. You can check out these books for further guidance :

  • National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Pacific Northwest Flexibound – by Peter Alden (Author), Dennis Paulson (Author)
  • Must-See Birds of the Pacific Northwest: 85 Unforgettable Species, Their Fascinating Lives, and How to Find Them Paperback –by Sarah Swanson  (Author), Max Smith  (Author)
  • A Birder’s Guide to Washington (ABA Birdfinding Guides)- by Hal N. Opperman  (Author)
  • Pete Dunne on Bird Watching: The How-to, Where-to, and When-to of Birding- by Pete Dunne  (Author)

 Join a birding group or trips :

You need to communicate with the local bird lover and bird watcher. You can join any local Audubon society near you or in a group of other birders. You can always share your knowings and can know many things which you don’t know about Birding.  You can search and call for the local Nature Center or Parks authority or the local Bird Club.

bird watching essentials

You can also go for birding trip or tour. Local bird trips are sometimes advertised in the newspapers. Or you can find them on a local Audubon society or bird club. You might also want to join a professional guide on a tour.









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