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How to zero a Scope : Explained with Infographic

How to zero a Scope? Its an important question for shooter!  You can use your spotting scope for a lot of activities. Either way, you need to know How to zero a scope like a pro. If you want to get the best out of your spotting scope, you must do everything according to the book. Textbook approach is not always wrong.

If you are using a brand new rifle, it is important to consider starting by getting it on paper. Then the rest should follow as explained below.

  • Settle on A Decision

You need to pick your brand, types of bullets and propellants if you want to maintain you accuracy level. Remember, different brands or propellants dictate your level of accuracy. That is why you need to make a solid decision of these factors for you to get great results from your spotting scope.

  • Work on Your Techniques

You require skills and proper understanding of your rifle and spotting scope for you to perform well. Therefore, before going out for shootings, you need to polish your skills. The only way you can get the best out of your spotting scope is when you are keen enough to avoid human error. That is why you might want to take your time.

  • Pick a comfortable spot

Hitting your target requires an intelligent choice of spot. The level of comfort at your spot directly influences your level of accuracy. In other words, you need to know yourself better and understand your ideal shooting positions. At this same position is when you can zero your targets successfully.

  • Tripod or Sandbag

This depends on with what works for you the most. Do you like attaching your rifle with a tripod stand or just placing it at the top of a sandbag? Either way, give your scoping the stability that it needs if you want great results.

  • Get it right

Do not feel weird moving back and forth before hitting your target. You have to get the distance and ranging right before making a move. It can be closer to the target or further away, make sure you find out.


Here is an info-graphic describing how to zero a Scope  :



Spotting scopes are supposed to make narrowing your targets much easier. However, it can do this on its own. It requires professionalism and right techniques to perform the task as expected. That is why you need to stick to the five steps of zeroing your spotting scope.

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